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What is Candy Crush?

As mentioned earlier, Candy Crush is developed by KING. It is one of the most popular downloaded and played mobile games. What makes this game so enormously popular is not clear. Many think it is simplicity of Candy Crush what makes it addictive. Together with some great marketing, such as a television commercial, Candy Crush got popular at all age groups. Next to advertisements, KING earned money by in-APP purchases. Every failed attempt to complete a level will cost a life. After five attempts you need to wait for twelve hours, some twelve very frustrating hours. Get Candy Crush cheats now and continue playing immediately.

About Free Candy Crush Gold Bars

Free Candy Crush Gold Bars offers privately developed software for the most popular mobile game in the world, Candy Crush. The software has been up and running for a while, but was in the first play just for Candy Crush Saga. All the people that have used the generator were very happy and left pleasant comments on the website and our social media. We also received many questions about making the generator work for Candy Crush Soda and Candy Crush Jelly. Therefore, we have started updating the software. And with a great result! The Candy Crush life cheat is now available for all three games. The generator will stay free of charge. Enjoy your game and Start the Cheat generator now!